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Triangle shaped  button to go somewhere. Hello friends of Jimmy Rosenberg,

At last we are back online, after being hacked by unknown forces. All of your beautiful letters, poetry, paintings, and biographies, were lost forever by the hacking of Jimmy’s website.

If you have copies of the lovely things that you
sent to Jimmy, please re-send them, and anything new that you might wish to add. jimmy@jimmyrosenberg.nl

We believe that Jimmy will start to make progress in his career, and his life soon, and we promise to keep you informed of progress. In the meantime, enjoy his music.

 photo: Sylvie Webb, Kapitein Zeppos Amsterdam

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Photo of Jimmy Rosenberg & Guests Kapitein Zeppos, Januari 20th 2008

Download Improvisation No. 1

The edition of Django Reinhardt's solo piece, as played by Jimmy Rosenberg at Paradiso, can still be downloaded free!

Download the MP3:
Improvisation No.1, from the concert at Paradiso.
(Right-click on song title, choose Save Link As...)

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Jimmy Rosenberg is Back includes the concert Paradiso, March 5th 2007 with as a bonus the second camera material from the documentary shoot Jimmy gets out of jail, May 16th 2006. Distribution started third week of December 2007!

Promotional poster for Jimmy Rosenberg's DVD releases

DVD Jimmy Rosenberg at the Bimhuis with the lively concert July 26th 2007, is here! After some minor technical delay the DVD got released January 16th 2008.

You can order the DVD's easily here on this page. Or go to one of the dutch stores:

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DVD Jimmy Rosenberg is Back, or Jimmy Rosenberg at the Bimhuis. Order per DVD € 27,50 within Europe or € 29,75 outside Europe, postage included.

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Jimmy Rosenberg is Back within Europa:
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Jimmy Rosenberg at the Bimhuis within Europa:
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About DVD Jimmy Rosenberg is Back: Concert by Jimmy Rosenberg & Friends in Paradiso at Première IdtV documentary Jimmy Rosenberg, The Father, the Son & the Talent

Amsterdam, March 5th 2007. The evening in Paradiso began with the première of the IdtV documentary by Jeroen Berkvens, Jimmy Rosenberg, The Father, the Son & the Talent. The film documents the life of Jimmy in his darkest hours and sets the scene for his revival which came with the concert.

Jimmy played to a packed and very responsive audience. A selection of favorite tunes was warmly applauded and he closed the concert with a Django Reinhardt solo piece entitled Improvisation. Jimmy is one of only two players in the world today who have mastered the technicalities of this most difficult piece.

Photo of Jimmy Rosenberg & Friends on stage Paradiso, March 5th 2007.
 photo: from DVD Jimmy Rosenberg is Back

Extras from documentary on the DVD

The Netherlands, 16th May 2006. Jimmy playing with his father, the day he got out of jail. This extra movie material is on the DVD Jimmy Rosenberg is Back

About DVD Jimmy Rosenberg at the Bimhuis: Concert Bimhuis to promote DVD Jimmy Rosenberg is Back

Amsterdam, July 27th 2007. The concert that has been waited for at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, took place to rapturous applause, and was the outstanding Gypsy jazz music event of the year in Holland. Jimmy was in absolutely top form, and played both archtop and acoustic guitars to a level of beauty and technical skill that will not be matched by any guitar player in the world presently. He is finding new things within his music, and the power of his re-creation is beginning to emerge, with rhythmic and dynamic changes already happening.

He added Marc Meader on snare drum and brushes, to his lineup for the event, and with Nomy his brother playing rhythm guitar, Arnoud van den Berg on bass, Jimmy showed that he has moved into the style of Django Reinhardt's post war performances. Jimmy's electric guitar playing was glittering with new ideas, and renewed confidence. He now plays like a man driven by new and creative energy, which drags the audience to the front of their seats, and takes them on a roller coaster of music, through swoops and curves in the most exciting journey of the imagination. Jimmy charms the audience like a magician, and makes every note mean something important to every listener.

Photo Robin Nolan Trio on Stage Bimhuis Amsterdam, July 26th 2007
 photo: Christien van Helden, Bimhuis July 26th 2007

The concert at the Bimhuis was expected to be a sell out, and lived up its promise, with no seats spare, and all crowding around the podium, or sitting impatiently in anticipation. The Basily Boys came along to show how the Basily name and musical culture is still one of the great voices in Gypsy jazz music. The boys played a short set to open the proceedings. Robin Nolan did a set to thunderous applause, and proved to all the audience, that he is the only non Gypsy guitarist to command the respect of being a brother to them. The Basily Boys, to everyones delight came back at the close, to jam on stage to the tune of Joseph, Joseph. The finale was a ten musician lineup, which included the great violinist Tucsi Basily, and Robin Nolan, on electric acoustic guitar.

To those that were in the Bimhuis, thank you all, and to those who wish to send messages, please do so.

The entire Bimhuis concert is issued on DVD entitled, Jimmy Rosenberg at the Bimhuis and released on wednesday January 16th 2008.

Photo Robin Nolan Trio on Stage Bimhuis Amsterdam, July 26th 2007
 photo: Christien van Helden, Bimhuis July 26th 2007

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Jimmy Rosenberg, De Vader, de Zoon & het Talent awarded Dutch Gouden Kalf!
best long documentary 2007 see the Nederlands Film Festival site Triangle shaped  button to go somewhere.

Links to family & friends & businesses

Dell' Arte Guitars
a guitar business

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Arnoud van den Berg
a friend at double bass

The Basily Boys
friends in music

Harmsworth and Willis
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Jeroen Berkvens documentary wins prices in Poland

Find Jimmy Rosenberg, The Father, the Son & the Talent for sale
businesses selling the DVD online

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